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Our Architectural Bahama Shutters

The Bahama Shutter has long found favor in the Caribbean, as well as in various coastal and desert communities. The Bahama shutter provides protection form the sun while permitting airflow. The distinct style of the makes it a unique addition to a wide range of homes throughout all geographic areas. We offer Bahama Shutters crafted in durable aluminum. They are available in a full range of sizes and finished in bright and vibrant colors to compliment any exterior.

Bahama Shutters in this section feature a durable aluminum construction, each crafted with beauty and precision to provide you with the best possible results in installation, appearance and longevity. Aluminum is a popular, lightweight and cost-effective choice. The Aluminum Bahama Shutter features a durable, fade-resistant finish that stands up to corrosion and peeling. This shutter is also available with custom measurements for an ideal fit and appearance. At PacificColumn we also offer storm rated version of the Aluminum Bahama Shutter in compliance with Miami/Dade and Florida codes.

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