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Vinyl Railing System by Pacific Columns
Railing Vinyl Flat by Pacific Columns

Vinyl Flat Railing System

The Flat Vinyl Railing System is a simply versatile choice. It defers from the Deluxe System in that it features a flat top rail; yet we offer this vinyl system with the same great spindle, post and accessory options. Select Colonial spindles for a classic turned wood appearance, or go with our square spindles for a timelessly stylish railing system featuring clean and crisp lines.

The Flat Vinyl Railing System, including all rails, spindles, posts and accessories, is crafted in durable vinyl and molded with precision and beauty. It is an excellent alternative to a wood or aluminum system, one that retains classic appeal while resisting the warping, cracking and peeling often associated with other systems. The Flat Vinyl Railing System is a safe and aesthetically effective exterior accent that you can spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying.

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  Architectural Vinyl Flat Colonial Spindle by Pacific Columns Architectural Vinyl Vinyl Square Spindle by Pacific Columns  
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