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Composite Craftsman Railing System by Pacific Columns
Composite Craftsman Railing System by Pacific Columns

Composite Craftsman Railing System

In the spirit of early American carpentry sensibilities, the Craftsman Railing System features crisp, clean lines and a simply beautiful design. The Craftsman System is versatile and flexible to compliment a diverse variety of exteriors. It is basic in design, but offers more style than the common railing system.

The Craftsman Railing System is crafted in wood composite encased in a durable polymer finish with top railings including an aluminum-reinforced channel for increased strength and stability. The system itself can withhold more than 200 pounds of force. This provides for an ultra-durable railing system that resists warping and cracking, an easy to install railing system that retains its beauty while it frees you from prolonged upkeep and time-consuming maintenance.

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Kit Included:
2 2 Composite Rail
19 19 Composite Balusters (8' kit)*
1 1 Aluminum Insert
4 4 Composite Rail Bracket with Screws
1 1 Composite Foot Block Kit
1 1 Touch-Up Paint
2 2 Saddle Bracket with Screws
(used if applying Top Cap Rail only)
1 1 Set of Application Instructions
  *6' kit contains 14 balusters

Architectural Composite Craftsman Rails by Pacific Columns


The Craftsman kit is a Craftsman kit with a cap rail that is available in both 13' and 17' lengths. All required brackets are included in the standard Craftsman kit.

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