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Premiere Wood Materials

At Pacific Columns, we offer a diverse selection of woods to meet all your needs. Our columns are not only crafted with beauty, but with excellent workmanship in the finest materials. We use only high quality kiln-dried wood species, and each column is manufactured with the highest level of precision every step of the way.

Each wood column is joined with either finger-jointed or solid staves, milled with precision and assembled with top quality waterproof glue. Our process surpasses AWI guidelines to bring you a wood column that reveals its superior design in every detail. Read on for more information about our most popular wood species.

Alder Wood by Pacific Columns


This Pacific Northwest hardwood is not among the most well known woods, but we strive to bring you a diverse selection. Alder is a beautiful wood species that proves itself versatile in many applications. Alder has the look and feel of natural Cherry. It stains well to almost any color but looks great without stain. It will not darken over the years as some woods tend to do.

Pine Wood by Pacific Columns


This popular wood has a warm and pale coloration. It is a versatile species, often used in a diverse range of applications, such as wood paneling, ships and boats, joinery, drawing boards, organ parts, and more. This stable and highly priced wood is often sought after in creating engineer's patterns and projects that require fine detail.

Cherry Wood by Pacific Columns

Cherry Oak

When given a natural finish, Cherry has a rather light coloration. Throughout the years, Cherry will take on the darker red color that many associate with this wood. If you like the natural appearance of Cherry, but do not want a wood that will darken with age, Alder is an excellent alternative with a similar appearance.

Cherry Wood by Pacific Columns

Red Oak

Red Oak is similar to White Oak in appearance, but has smaller rays. This straight-grained wood has a coarse texture.

Cherry Wood by Pacific Columns


In its natural state, Mahogany has a light brown coloration, as with natural Walnut. It also includes subtle hints of orange. With stain, Mahogany assumes the popular dark reddish brown color that most are familiar with.

Cherry Wood by Pacific Columns


Redwood has a rich dark brown coloration and a beautiful texture. This softwood is well known for its insulating qualities, thanks to its small cell structure including countless air-filled cavities. Redwood is lightweight when compared to other heartwood grades. It also has superior insect repellent qualities.

Cherry Wood by Pacific Columns


Maple is a beautiful pale wood, the lightest of our selection. It is very strong and stable. Over time, Maple takes on a yellowish coloration. Maple tends to stain unevenly, so we advise against it.

Cherry Wood by Pacific Columns


If you prefer a dark and rich wood, Walnut is an excellent choice. In its natural state, Walnut is available with both darker and lighter coloration. Walnut pairs well with Mahogany and benefits from the reddish tint of a Red Oak stain.

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Exterior Paint Grade Wood Columns
Our paint grade wood columns are built on finger-jointed pieces. This conserves wood resources and provides for a stronger column, one that resists warping, bowing and cracking. Paint grade columns are crafted from high quality kiln-dried Western Pine staves. We can also craft from clear, all-heart Redwood or Western Red Cedar per special request.

Stain-Grade Interior Wood Columns
Our stain grade interior wood columns are crafted in solid-stave Pine, Cherry, Redwood, Red Oak, Poplar, Hard Maple, Mahogany, and Black Walnut. Stain grade interior wood columns are paired with matching wood bases and capitals.

Paint Grade Wood Columns
We immerse our paint grade column shafts, capitals and bases in Woodtreat® MB wood preservative. This prolongs the life of your new column, and keeps it looking as beautiful as the day you install. Woodtreat® MB wood preservative is designed to stand up against mildew, mold, and rotting or staining caused by fungi. It controls shrinking and swelling, while preventing splitting, warping, grain raising and more. Our paint grade wood columns conform to Industrial Standard IS4-00, they are approved by the N.W.W.D.A., and they meet all current and proposed governmental standards. Woodtreat® MB wood preservative also makes our wood columns more compatable with paint primers and topcoats.

Paint Grade Wood Column Capitals & Bases
Paint-grade interior and exterior columns have polyurethane or fiberglass capitals & bases. This provides true and accurate architectural detail and increased durability. Optional aluminum plinths can provide extra strength and stability. You can also special order finely crafted wood capitals and bases.

Custom Wood Columns
When it comes to custom wood columns, Pacific Columns is your source. We provide custom architectural pieces that exceed your expectations, and surpass those on the market. We use only the finest wood materials and state of the art manufacturing processes to bring you a superior product of incomparable beauty.

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Architectural Columns by Pacific Columns