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Endura-Stone Square Non-Tapered

Endura-Stone™ Composite Columns

Endura-Stone Square Non-Tapered Architectural Columns
Endura-Stone Square Non-Tapered Architectural Columns
Our selection of Endura-Series™ Square Columns includes this non-tapered model. Simply attractive, crisp and versatile, the square non-tapered column is currently used in countless applications. This early 1900's Arts and Crafts inspired column retains the simple and straightforward appearance of classic American millwork.
Endura-Stone Square Non-Tapered Column Profile

A high quality Endura-Stone™ construction makes the Endura-Series™ Square non-Tapered Column an excellent choice. This advanced material is easy to work with, and it retains traditional appeal to truly enhance your home. Endura-Stone™ is one of today's most advanced composite structural materials.

Endura-Series™ Square Non-Tapered Columns are hollow and ideal for concealing less than complimentary supports. They are also great for concealing unsightly plumbing and downspouts.

This versatile column is available in smooth, paneled, fluted and combination formats to meet your decorative needs. The Endura-Series™ Square Columns also feature a unique decorative base. The Pedestal base is available in a 8" diameter, and is base from the same material as the shaft, for an identical feel.

Endura-Stone Square Non-Tapered Columns Material Availability

Endura-Stone Square Non-Tapered Architectural Columns

Endura-Stone Square Non-Tapered Colored Columns
  Smooth Finish
Ready To Be Painted

This smooth surface is great for painting, without ruining the column.

  Textured Finish
Pebblestone Color

With a surface similar to pebbles, this column is maintenance free.

  Textured Finish
Sandstone Color

Taken from the likeness of sand, this textured column is weather proof.

  Textured Finish
White Color

A clean pearly surface that doesn't need further painting.


Endura-Stone Square Non-Tapered Columns Design Use

Endura-Stone Square Non-Tapered Columns Design Use

Square Non-Tapered Composite Interior & Exterior Columns

Endura-Stone™ Square Non-Tapered Columns are an excellent alternative to classically inspired round columns. Featuring crisp, clean lines and a versatile design, square non-tapered columns are an excellent addition to any project. Inspired by the simplicity of early 1900's Arts and Crafts millwork and architecture, square non-tapered columns are traditional in appearance, and ultra-durable construction.

Endura-Stone™ Square Non-Tapered Columns are ideal additions to porches, patios, entranceways, and more. We offer this column in four great styles. Select a smooth surface, classical fluting to add texture, elegant paneling, or a unique combination.

Endura-Stone™ columns are crafted in fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP), an ultra-durable material for modern times. It is a great alternative to stone, one that surpasses concrete and steel in strength. For the look and feel of stone with advanced strength and endurance against weathering, choose Endura-Stone™.

Ready To Be Painted Columns

If your project calls for a completely smooth column, or custom color application, the Endura-Stone™ Ready to be Painted column is ideal for your needs. It is available in any standard or custom size, either fluted or smooth, and is designed to support all styles of decorative capitals and bases.

Pre-Colored & Textured Columns

Colored columns are textured to give the look and feel of natural stone with a strikingly realistic appeal.Once installed, simply relax and enjoy the columns for the rest of your life. No priming, painting, repainting, or replacing - guaranteed. Because pre-colored columns are colored throughout, they will never fade or need touch up painting.

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