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Endura-Stone Round Tapered

Endura-Stone™ Composite Columns

Round Tapered Architectural Composite Columns
Round Tapered Architectural Composite Columns
The Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Column is the column of choice among builders and home owners alike. This versatile column combines elegance and boldness to truly define exterior spaces. This Column also features a durable Endura-Stone™ construction that stands up to weathering and insects.
Round Tapered Architectural Composite Column Profile

This simply styled column features just the right amount of detail for a crisp and architecturally rich appearance. We offer the Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Column in classical proportions for those in search of a historically accurate product. This column is inspired by the Doric and Tuscan columns of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Like its ancient predecessors, it features a entasis (a slight bulge at the center of the column shaft), and a gracefully tapered form. Ancient architects believed that these elements combined to produce the most aesthetically effective and visually pleasing column. Today, their principles live on in the Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Column.

Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Columns are offered with both fluted and non-fluted shafts. For projects that require unique proportions, we also offer the round tapered column with custom width and height measurements, made exactly to your specifications for an ideal fit and appearance.

Round Tapered Architectural Composite Columns Material Availability

Round Tapered Architectural Composite Colored Columns

Round Tapered Architectural Composite Colored Columns Examples
  Smooth Finish
Ready To Be Painted

This smooth surface is great for painting, without ruining the column.

  Textured Finish
Pebblestone Color

With a surface similar to pebbles, this column is maintenance free.

  Textured Finish
Sandstone Color

Taken from the likeness of sand, this textured column is weather proof.

  Textured Finish
White Color

A clean pearly surface that doesn't need further painting.


Round Tapered Architectural Composite Columns Design Use

Round Tapered Architectural Composite Columns Design Use

Round Tapered Composite Interior & Exterior Columns

When it comes to modern architectural columns, Endura-Series™ Columns provide unmatched beauty, quality and durability. The Round Tapered Fiberglass Column is a very popular choice among builders and homeowners alike. Endura-Stone™ Columns are architecturally proportioned columns manufactured from rotocast, Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer (FRP).

Structural or Decorative Columns

The Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Column is ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Inside the home or commercial space, the round tapered column defines space and enriches any room with character and dramatic appeal. It is a truly dynamic addition to décor. In exterior applications, the round tapered column is fully-load bearing, and therefore suitable for structural use. In fact, Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Columns surpass industry standards. Top quality manufacturing in advanced materials provides a very strong column that resists harsh weathering and insects. Select Endura-Stone, Endura-Wound or Endura-Classic materials for an ideal match for any project.

Architectural Columns

Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Columns embody the timeless appeal of its ancient predecessors. This column is based on the Tuscan Order, one of the oldest and most popular Greek columns. We bring you an architecturally accurate classical column for modern times.

Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Columns feature "entasis", or a slight bulge near the center of the column's shaft. Ancient Greek and Roman architects believed that entasis corrected a concave appearance in the column's shaft caused by perspective. The result is an ancient formula designed to create the most visually pleasing column possible. Also, the height of the Round Tapered Column is also seven circumferences of the shaft, an additional feature that keeps the round tapered column in step with traditional measurements.

If your project requires something more, Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Columns are also available with unique custom measurements for an ideal fit and appearance.

Ready To Be Painted Columns

If your project calls for a completely smooth column, or custom color application, the Endura-Stone™ Ready to be Painted column is ideal for your needs. It is available in any standard or custom size, either fluted or smooth, and is designed to support all styles of decorative capitals and bases.

Pre-Colored & Textured Columns

Colored columns are textured to give the look and feel of natural stone with a strikingly realistic appeal.Once installed, simply relax and enjoy the columns for the rest of your life. No priming, painting, repainting, or replacing - guaranteed. Because pre-colored columns are colored throughout, they will never fade or need touch up painting.

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