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Endura-Stone Round Non-Tapered

Endura-Stone Composite Columns

Round Non-Tapered Architectural Composite Columns
Endura-Stone Round Non-Tapered Composite Columns
At Pacific Columns, we strive to surpass the typical selection of standard architectural products. Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Columns are excellent alternatives to our tapered columns. This column is more robust and simply styled in appearance. In step with classical architecture, the round non-tapered column is in step with the ancient Tuscan Order, and brings the elegance and beauty of times past into today's market.
Endura-Stone Round Non-Tapered Profiles

Featuring crisp lines and minimal details, the Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Column is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is crafted in durable Endura-Stone™, an advanced composite material with the power to withstand all weather conditions. The column is at once beautifully crafted and made to endure through the years.

Endura-Stone Round Non-Tapered Material Availability

Endura-Stone Round Non-Tapered Colored Columns

Endura-Stone Round Non-Tapered Colored Examples
  Smooth Finish
Ready To Be Painted

This smooth surface is great for painting, without ruining the column.

  Textured Finish
Pebblestone Color

With a surface similar to pebbles, this column is maintenance free.

  Textured Finish
Sandstone Color

Taken from the likeness of sand, this textured column is weather proof.

  Textured Finish
White Color

A clean pearly surface that doesn't need further painting.


Endura-Stone Round Non-Tapered Column's Design Use

Endura-Stone Round Non-Tapered Column's Design Use

Round Non-Tapered Composite Interior & Exterior Columns

The quintessential architectural column features a tapered shaft that gives the column an elegant appearance. The Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Column is an excellent alternative to our tapered columns. It possesses the same beauty, but is free of the tapered form. At Pacific Columns, we strive to bring you a diverse selection of columns with differences ranging from shape and height to the smallest of details. The Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Column is a great example.

Structural or Decorative Columns

Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Columns are suitable for both structural and decorative projects. They can define the exterior of a home, or add an air of ambience, elegance and character to any interior. The Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Column is available in Endura-Stone or Endura-Wound formats. The Endura-Wound column is designed for structural load-bearing applications. It features an innovative, advanced construction that surpasses industry standards.

The non-tapered round column does not include a taper, and therefore, it can be trimmed to any length for a perfect fit. Installation is easier than ever, and the non-tapered column is designed to last. Whether subjected to harsh weather conditions, humidity, or insects, Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Columns will retain their beauty through the years with virtually no maintenance required.

Architecturally Accurate

When you want a column that is not only beautiful, but also architecturally accurate for an authentic classical appearance, Pacific Columns is your source. The Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Column features a Tuscan style capitol. It is designed to capture the timeless appeal of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, but with modern durability.

Ready To Be Painted Columns

If your project calls for a completely smooth column, or custom color application, the Endura-Stone™ Ready to be Painted column is ideal for your needs. It is available in any standard or custom size, either fluted or smooth, and is designed to support all styles of decorative capitals and bases.

Pre-Colored & Textured Columns

Colored columns are textured to give the look and feel of natural stone with a strikingly realistic appeal.Once installed, simply relax and enjoy the columns for the rest of your life. No priming, painting, repainting, or replacing - guaranteed. Because pre-colored columns are colored throughout, they will never fade or need touch up painting.

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