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Endura-Classic Round Tapered

Exterior & Interior Composite Columns

Round Tapered Architectural Composite Columns
Round Tapered Architectural Composite Columns
Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Columns feature "entasis", or a slight bulge near the center of the column's shaft. Ancient Greek and Roman architects believed that entasis corrected a concave appearance in the column's shaft caused by perspective. The result is an ancient formula designed to create the most visually pleasing column possible. Also, the height of the Round Tapered Column is also seven circumferences of the shaft, an additional feature that keeps the round tapered column in step with traditional measurements.
Endura-Classic Round Tapered Column Profile
Endura-Classic Round Tapered Column Profile
Specifically designed for load bearing applications. Endura-Classic™ Columns are designed with architecturally accurate entasis. Endura-Classic™ Columns are the perfect solution for larger, smooth or fluted column applications.

Endura-Classic™ columns can withstand normal construction abuse, weathering, decay, insect infestation, and other environmental influences. For a simple, yet durable column, Endura-Classic™ Columns are the perfect fit.

If your project requires something more, Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Columns are also available with unique custom measurements for an ideal fit and appearance.

Endura-Classic Round Tapered Material Availability

Endura-Classic Round Tapered Columns Endura-Classic Round Tapered Columns Ready to be Painted
Ready To Be Painted

This smooth surface is great for painting, without ruining the column.

Due to the manufacturing process as well as the Endura-Craft™ column material, these columns cannot support a load.

Endura-Classic Round Non-Tapered Fluted Columns
Composite Fluting

Our Endura-Classic™ columns are designed for large applications, with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 30,000 lbs.

The fluted shaft is a perfect example of sophisticated beauty and room enhancement.


Endura-Classic Round Tapered Column's Design Use

Endura-Classic Round Tapered Column's Design Use

Endura-Classic™ Round Tapered Composite Exterior & Interior Columns

Endura-Craft™ Square Tapered Columns embody the aesthetics of the early 1900's Arts and Crafts movement. The crisp and simply stylish form of the square tapered column makes it a versatile column for modern times. The square tapered column is a great addition to porches. The column style is available in smooth or paneled formats for a simple surface or enhanced detail.

The Endura-Craft™ Square Tapered Column is a traditional column with modern durability. It is crafted in high quality expanded cellular PVC, an excellent alternative to wood. Its advanced construction makes it suitable for trimming, drilling and fastening with traditional carpentry tools. Each square tapered column features a detachable base, so it can be trimmed for an ideal fit.